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Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:27

I love the imagery Paul uses to help the early Christians in the city of Corinth imagine the importance of the relationships they shared with each other. The Corinthians, you see, tended to think pretty individualistically – What does the faith mean to me? Am I getting what I need from the church?  Paul wanted to broaden their imagination so they could realize that, as those joined together by faith in the Risen Christ, each of them was intimately connected to the rest of the community. The same way all the various parts of the human body are. Our bodies are at their best when all the members function well together; so also with the Church.

Paul then goes one further step to say that the individual members of the church together make up the Body of Christ. Each of us, that is, has gifts to offer, a role to play, and strengths to contribute to see God’s work accomplished. Our commitment to share our financial blessings is an important part of that. Individually, we can do some good things. Together, we can do amazing things!

Why Give?
Over the years, members have shared why they support Mount Olivet financially… what it is that makes them feel a part of this church and want to give back. Answers have included:

  • Connects my faith to my life
  • Teaches me more about the Bible
  • Helps me raise my children
  • Builds lasting friendships
  • Always been there for me
  • And more!

Why do you give to Mount Olivet? Or perhaps you’re just starting to give?
It is important for you to realize your reason for giving as you make your gift for 2024. What is your “Why”? (Watch for upcoming videos in September that highlight many of the ministries you will be supporting!) Prayerfully consider how you can support Mount Olivet and its ministries with both gratitude for what it means to you and so that Mount Olivet can continue to serve and become a second home to so many more. Now is the time to pledge and give generously, and help us be the Body of Christ in the world!

Thank you! For you are Mount Olivet. And, together, we are Mount Olivet!
– Pastor Lose, Senior Pastor