Planned Giving/Vision Partners

Will you consider becoming a Mount Olivet Vision Partner? Your FUTURE Gifts Matter!

Your Gifts Matter

Thank you very much for your interest in learning about Mount Olivet Vision Partners.

Vision Partners are people who make planned gifts to impact the work of Mount Olivet and provide a legacy. Vision Partners select one or more beneficiaries that resonate with passion: Mount Olivet Lutheran Church or one of its Affiliated Ministries.

Planned Gifts of any size make a difference and help our church further Christ’s calling and Mount Olivet’s mission of: Believing, Belonging, Becoming.

For questions about the many ways to make a gift, contact Brian Mortenson, Head of Vision Partners/Planned Giving at 612.767.2259 or by email.

Mount Olivet from the outside

Become a Mount Olivet Vision Partner

Mount Olivet Vision Partners are people of all ages who want to share their blessings by making a planned gift for Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and/or any of its affiliated ministries: Mount Olivet Rolling Acres, Cathedral of the Pines Camp, Mount Olivet Home, Mount Olivet Careview, Mount Olivet Day Services and Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center. Mount Olivet Vision Partners are “leaving a legacy” for future generations by preserving what they value and promoting Mount Olivet’s mission of serving others in Christ’s name.

Special events for Vision Partners are held periodically to celebrate their commitment and all that God is doing in the Mount Olivet family.

Mount Olivet is here to listen and support you whether you have already named Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and/or one of its affiliated ministries as a beneficiary in your Will or Trust, or if you would like more information to do so. We hope you will always feel our appreciation and gratitude for your generosity.

If you have questions, contact Brian Mortenson, Head of Vision Partners/Planned Giving at 612.767.2259 or by email.

Ways to Become A Vision Partner: Options for Establishing a Planned Gift

Thank you for your consideration of including a planned gift in your estate plan to benefit Mount Olivet Lutheran Church or its Affiliate Ministries!

Below are charitable gift methods for you to consider.

  1. Wills, Trusts and Bequests
    Leave your legacy for Mount Olivet Lutheran Church by making a bequest in your Will or Trust. A bequest is one of the simplest ways to provide a future gift, creating a meaningful legacy for the perpetuation of the ministry of Mount Olivet.

    • Sample bequest language:
      • Specific Bequest — I give the sum of $10,000 to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church to be used for the greatest need.
      • Share of Estate – I give an amount equal to 10% of my gross estate to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church.
      • Share of Remainder of Estate – I give one half of the remainder of my estate to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church.
      • Specific Assets – I give 30 shares of Jones Power Company common stock to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church.
      • Contingent Gift – If my spouse does not survive me, I give the sum of $10,000 to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church.
  2. Retirement Assets
    It is easy to make Mount Olivet Lutheran Church a beneficiary of an IRA account or other retirement plan. Since these assets may never have been taxed, they make ideal gifts for nonprofit organizations because they will flow to the beneficiary organization without incurring taxes. Contact your retirement plan administrator and request the appropriate beneficiary.
  3. Life Insurance: You can gift life insurance to provide a charitable gift by making Mount Olivet Lutheran Church the beneficiary of your current policy or by purchasing a new policy. Contact your insurance agent for the appropriate beneficiary form
  4. Transfer on Death Deed: This deed transfers ownership of real estate to a named beneficiary outside of a Will or Trust and takes effect upon the death of the owner. It is a simple way to make a gift of your home or other property to a charity.
  5. Retained Life Estate: You can donate your home, one of your most valued possessions, while you are still living in it, even if you want your spouse or other survivor to live in the home for their lifetime.   Full use and financial benefit of the home will be retained for the lifetime of the owner, along with tax benefits, while making this gift. A retained life estate gift could also be established with a second home.

Options for making a gift which will be Income Producing for the donor(s):

Income Producing Gifts

  1. Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA): This is often called the “win-win” gift because it benefits both the donor and the charity. The first CGA dates back to 1843 when a merchant in Boston donated money to the American Bible Society in exchange for an income stream. With a CGA, there can be significant tax benefits.  A charitable Gift Annuity may be established for a gift of $10,000 or more. To learn about interest rates or to receive a personalized charitable gift annuity illustration, please contact Rev. Brian Mortenson, Head of Planned Giving/Vision Partners at 612.767.2259 or by email.
  2. Charitable Trusts: There are a variety of charitable trusts you can establish with numerous benefits to the donor, including possibly increasing your income and realizing tax advantages. Charitable trusts can also help you provide an inheritance for your loved ones.

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and Affiliated Ministries are 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations.
Mount Olivet Lutheran Church EIN number is: 41-0773766

This information illustrates concepts in charitable giving and is not intended as legal services or advice. You should consult with tax and legal professionals as to the applicability of any items to your personal situation