Through the gift of Baptism, God names and claims us as beloved children and washes us in God’s grace and forgiveness.

A Promise

At a child’s baptism, parents and sponsors make a promise to help their children grow in the Christian faith and life. As a community of faith, Mount Olivet also makes a promise to support the newly baptized in their new life in Christ. We carry out this promise through educational programs, like Sunday School, and by partnering with families as they journey in faith with their children.

Baptisms are held at the Minneapolis Campus during the 12:00 pm service (11:00 am in the Summer) and at the West Campus during the 11:00 am service (10:00 am during the Summer). Families may also request a private baptism to be held outside of Sunday morning worship.

Baptism classes are offered on the third Sunday of each month at the Minneapolis Campus at 8:30am and at the West Campus at 8:00am. We strongly encourage all children and families to attend a baptism class

We believe that God’s grace is for all—members of Mount Olivet and non-members—and we look forward to celebrating this special occasion with you and your family.

For scheduling or for more information about baptism, please contact Josh Nelson, 612.767.2284 or by email.

Baptism class for parents

In this one-session, thirty-minute class at the Minneapolis Campus or West Campus, parents will learn more about the promises Baptism holds for their young child, the promises they make for their child, and ways to help their children understand themselves as children of God.

Register for an upcoming baptism class here.

For questions about baptism classes, please contact Josh Nelson, 612.767.2284 or by email.

Scheduling a Baptism

Families may schedule a baptism during a worship service or privately, according to the family’s and officiating pastor’s schedule.  Baptismal dates will vary based on the worship schedule and will be held at our Minneapolis campus during the 12noon service (11am service during the Summer worship season), or our West campus during our 11am service (10am during the Summer worship season).

Please contact Josh Nelson with any questions at 612.767.2284 or email 

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Baptisms at Mount Olivet

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