Pastors & Staff


Pastor David J. Lose

Senior Pastor

Pastor Lose became the ninth senior pastor of Mount Olivet in July, 2017. Previously, he served as president of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, taught on the faculty of Luther Seminary, and served several congregations in New Jersey. He is the author of the “Making Sense” series of books and resources from Augsburg Fortress. Pastor Lose is grateful for his wife, Karin, and children, Jack and Katie. He looks forward to building on Mount Olivet’s distinguished history and present strengths so that it can be a leading light in the greater church, community, and world as we share the good news of Christ in creative and compelling ways.


Pastor Kurt P. Kalland

Associate Pastor

Pastor Kalland has served as an associate pastor at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church since 1992. Pastor Kalland is the Pastoral Adviser to the Congregational Care Team and is happy to be known as the “Monsignor” of the Mount Olivet Motorheads group. He has been happily married to his wife, Dawn, for over 30 years, (they met at Cathedral of the Pines), and is blessed with two exceptional daughters, two son-in-laws, and a wonderful granddaughter. Pastor Kalland remains active in the recovery community. In his free time, he enjoys cleaning automobiles, humor, shooting sports, playing outside, and his work as a volunteer Chaplain for the Edina Police Department.

Pastor Monica M. Hammersten

Associate Pastor

The daughter of an Irish Catholic father and a Swedish Lutheran mother, Pastor Hammersten was raised at Mount Olivet and has served in many roles here throughout the years, being called as a pastor in June of 2008. A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and Luther Seminary, Pastor Hammersten has worked as a Spanish Interpreter and a restaurant manager and owner. She currently works with the Mount Olivet Church Women (MOCW), Hi-er League (College Aged Ministry) and the Mount Olivet Thursday Friends and Mount Olivet Friends groups (Special Needs Ministry). She and her husband Tom have three sons:  Jack, Ben and Eli. When not at church, you’re likely to find her anywhere outdoors in God’s creation.

Pastor Mark J. Dixon

Associate Pastor

Pastor Dixon came to Mount Olivet in August of 2018 from New Jersey, where he earned his PhD in history from Princeton Theological Seminary and his wife Mollie worked as an RN in labor and delivery. Since their marriage in 2009, the Dixons have lived in Minnesota, Alaska, New Jersey, and Germany. Also part of the Dixon family: three (very) energetic sons–James, August, and Casper. Pastor Dixon serves as the Pastoral Adviser for Youth, for the West Campus with Pastor Freeman, for Hi-er League with Pastor Hammersten, and for Young Adults with Pastor Cieslik. When not pastoring, he enjoys watching movies, cooking, and reading. He and his wife also like taking their boys to wide open fields to watch them run.

Pastor Rebecca W. Freeman

Associate Pastor

Pastor Freeman joined Mount Olivet in September 2019. Pastor Freeman brings 12 years of pastoral experience to Mount Olivet. She is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and Luther Seminary. Pastor Freeman is the Pastoral Advisor to the West Campus with Pastor Dixon, and shares responsibilities for our disability ministries programs with Pastor Hammersten. She eagerly shares that she loves God and loves people. As a Pastor, she enjoys connecting with people of all generations, walking with people on their journey of life, and helping them understand how deeply they are loved. She is married to Sedge and is a mother to two beloved children: a son, Stellan, and a daughter, Liv. Pastor Freeman was a three-sport college athlete at Gustavus and continues to love sports. She reports that her favorite things to do include spending time with family and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Pastor Benjamin M. Cieslik

Associate Pastor

Pastor Cieslik brings 12 years of pastoral experience to Mount Olivet, having served at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in the Twin Cities since 2010 in the roles of Associate Pastor (2010-2015), Executive Pastor (2015-2017), and Co-Lead Pastor (2017-2022). He is a graduate of St. Olaf College and Luther Seminary. Pastor Cieslik will oversee our digital outreach initiatives, will take primary responsibility for our Young Adult ministry, and will focus on expanding our community engagement. Pastor Cieslik began working at Mount Olivet in April 2022.

Pastor Cieslik is a strong preacher, a creative thinker, and brings deep and varied leadership experience to Mount Olivet. He is particularly passionate about engaging people of all ages with the Gospel by both traditional and new means. He is married to Beth (Bevis) Cieslik, a life-long member of Mount Olivet and former Cathedral of the Pines staff member. They are parents to two beloved children: daughter Greta, and son Bjorn. Pastor Cieslik knows Mount Olivet well, having served as a Confirmation Mentor and as a participant in the Young Marrieds group along with Beth.


Pastor Jeni F. Grangaard

Associate Pastor

Pastor Jeni Grangaard has served as a pastor in the ELCA since 2010. A graduate of Augsburg College (2002) and Luther Seminary (2009), she was awarded Luther Seminary’s Graduate Preaching Fellowship and spent the year of travel and study that award afforded in East Africa, Jerusalem, Israel, and Palestine. She served Glyndon Lutheran Church in Glyndon, MN, for five years before returning to Jerusalem to serve as the Country Coordinator for the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program from 2015-2019. Most recently, Pastor Grangaard has served as Seminary Pastor at Luther Seminary. She is married to Colin, also a Lutheran pastor, and has two elementary-aged children.

Pastor Jenna L. Olson Popp

Associate Pastor

Pastoral Candidate Jenna Olson Popp graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016 and Luther Seminary in 2023. A recipient of Luther Seminary’s Graduate Preaching Fellowship, she spent her time of study and travel exploring ministry in non-traditional worship settings across the United States. Prior to Seminary, Candidate Olson Popp served as Director of Development of the Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a focus on facilitating a $6M Capital Campaign (2016-2019) and served as Director of Community Missions at Southwood Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE, from 2020-2021. She is married to Cameron.


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Cody Anderson

Facilities Support, West Campus

Geoff Arenson

Director of Youth Ministry


Tricia Asuncion

Director of Facilities Operations & Congregational Care Young in Heart & Friends Coordinator

612.767.2218 or 612.767.2210

Sam Balzer

Nursery Coordinator


Jody Barbee

Operations Coordinator, West Campus


Amanda Betz-Rolph

Co-Lead Preschool Teacher B

Jeremy Bork

Director of Programming & Communications, Conference & Retreat Center

952.469.2175 x 307

Gail Breen

Coordinator of Membership, Fellowship, & Special Events


Emma Brink

6th Grade Support Staff

Jordan Buchholtz

Principal Organist


Jonna Bundul

Administrative Assistant to Congregational Care & Funeral Coordinator


Maggie Carlson

Part Time Wedding Coordinator


Sam Chavezvaladez

Facilites Support, Minneapolis Campus

Beverly Claflin

Director of Worship & Music


Greta Cologne

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Allen Dyar

Facilities Support, Minneapolis Campus

Jackie Enestvedt

Director of Congregational Engagement & Communications


Carl Engbretson

Youth Staff, West Campus

Kris Ericksen

Coordinator of Cathedral of the Pines Camp


Becky Faison

Lead Teacher Preschool B

Libby Fotland

Coordinator of Marketing & Communications


Kris Fruetel

Assistant to the Director of Finance


Julie Goodman

Director of Congregational Care


Kristi Grall

Kitchen Staff

Ron Groat

Psychiatrist, Mount Olivet Counseling Center


Heather Guerin

Director of Development

d. 612.767.2213 m. 651.216.6524

Laurie Hancer

Coordinator of Service & Volunteers


Tyler Hauser

Coordinator of Development


Anna Herd

Coordinator of Junior High Youth, Minneapolis Campus


Bella Hueffmeier

Receptionist, Minneapolis Campus


Julia Jallo

Coordinator of Senior High Youth, West Campus


Amanda Jenkins

Administrative Assistant to Worship & Music


Kris Johnson

Coordinator of Membership Records


Kristie Johnson

Coordinator of Benefits & Payroll


Sam Karon

Facilites Support, Minneapolis Campus

Nikki Knudson-Dalal

Individual and Couples Therapist, Mount Olivet Counseling Center

612.927.7335 x 114

Emmet Kowler

Coordinator of Video Production


Theresa Latini

Executive Director of Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center

Rebecca Leahy

Co-Lead Preschool Teacher A

Tricia Lerohl-Morgan

Coordinator of Financial Records


Pastor William B. MacLean

Visitation Pastor


Stephanie McGinty

Coordinator of Congregational Care


Sally McNamee

Director of Culinary Services


Katy Michaletz

Director of Children & Family Ministry


Jason Millard

Coordinator of Audio Production


Brian Mortenson

Head of Vision Partners and Planned Giving


Nancy Nash

Senior Director of Operations


Deanne Nelson

Director of Finance


Espen Nelson

Facilities Support, Mpls Campus

Mike Nelson

Kitchen Staff & Beekeeper

Nancy Nelson

Coordinator of Congregational Care


Rodney Nelson

Kitchen Staff

Amy Nelson

Accounts Payable

Stacy Nessett

Facilities Support, West Campus

Macey Oliver

Coordinator of Senior High Youth, Minneapolis Campus


Kristin Olson

Mount Olivet Summer Camp Coordinator and Children & Family Ministry Support


Emily Osnes

Manager of Community Engagement and Donor Relations


Molly Pach

Office Manager, Mount Olivet Counseling Center

612.927.7335 x 110

Beverly Pitt

Preschool Aide

Amy Porthan

Coordinator of Children’s Faith Formation, Minneapolis Campus


Austin Rau

Facilities Operation Manager

Julie Reece

Operations Coordinator, Minneapolis Campus


Allison Richards

Director of the Mount Olivet Counseling Center

612.927.7335 x115

Meghan Rickert

6th Grade Support Staff

Colleen Roess

Musikgarten Coordinator


Lisa Rosenfield

Director of Mount Olivet Preschool


Sam Sanda

Youth Staff


Pastor Linton Scott

Outreach Ministry Pastor


Angie St. Dennis

Coordinator of Confirmation


Isabel St. Dennis

Receptionist, Minneapolis Campus


Elena Stabile

Coordinator of Mount Olivet School of Music & the Arts


Jaime Stansberry

Lead Teacher Preschool A

Samantha Stevens

Co-Lead Preschool Teacher

Katie Stevenson

Director of Stewardship & Coordinator of Adult Education


Amy Stress

Director of Guest Engagement, Conference & Retreat Center


Rachel Sufficool

Congregational Care Wellness Coordinator


Charlie Teien

Youth Coordinator, Mpls & West Campuses


Anna Teurman

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Sara Watne

Individual, Adolescent and Group Therapist, Mount Olivet Counseling Center

612.927.7335 x 113

Amy Wiesner

Lead Teacher Preschool C

Kristi Youngdahl

Director of Cathedral of the Pines