Mount Olivet Church Women

Mount Olivet Church Women

Mount Olivet Church Women (MOCW) is the organization that unifies all women of Mount Olivet. The mission of the MOCW is “to make connections through fellowship and service opportunities that create a community at Mount Olivet to enhance believing, belonging, becoming. “All Mount Olivet women are automatically members of the MOCW. All Mount Olivet members, visitors, and friends are welcome at MOCW events! 

Have Questions? Please contact Gail Breen at 612.767.2289 or by email.

MOCW Events

MOCW sponsor many all congregational events throughout the year. We invite you to participate any and all that spark your interest.

Mpls Campus Holiday Boutique
This event is hosted annually on the first Saturday in November at the Mpls Campus 

West Campus Holiday Market
This event is hosted annually on the second Saturday in November at the West Campus

Lutefisk Dinner
This event is hosted annually on the first Friday in December at the Mpls Campus

Ladies’ Night
This event is hosted annually. It’s generally during the month of February and is hosted at one of our two campuses.

MOCW Circle Celebration
The MOCW Circle Celebration is a celebration for all MOCW Circle Members and Board Members to attend. It has generally occurred during the month of May and is hosted off-site.

MOCW Social
The MOCW Social is an opporunity for all church women to attend to learn more about MOCW and for building interest in joining a circle. This event usually occurs during the month of August.

For specific event dates for the upcoming year, please visit our events page here.

Joining a Circle

Within the framework of the MOCW are groups called “Circles”. Circles offer women a small community and fellowship within our large church. Choosing to join a circle is a decision that aligns with your journey of believing, belonging, and becoming. We invite you to explore and discover the circle that aligns most closely with your spiritual and personal aspirations. In doing so, you’ll embark on a remarkable journey to faith, camaraderie, and personal growth, surrounded by women who share your desire to thrive in faith and life. 

Please click here to view more information about the current MOCW Circles.

To get connected with a circle, please contact Sally Dietzenbach, MOCW New Member Chair, at 612.805.5581 or

MOCW Volunteer Opportunities

We believe that the strength of MOCW lies in the hearts and hands of our volunteers! Our MOCW events have always been a source of inspiration, connection, and joy for our congregation and community. We invite you to become an integral part of this by volunteering your time, talents, and enthusiasm for an MOCW event.  

To get connected with a volunteer opportunity, please contact Sue Mills, MOCW Volunteer Coordinator, at 952.240.6375 or