Pledging to the church is your promise of financial support for the coming year. It’s your way of saying, “I love what Mount Olivet is doing and I want to make sure it keeps happening… and keeps growing.”

Pledge Here via Your Realm Account in Giving

100 Years of Gratitude

Once a year, you are asked to make your pledge to Mount Olivet for the upcoming year. Your pledge provides a way to express gratitude, generosity, service, and care for one another through the ministries of Mount Olivet.

This year, we begin our Centennial Celebration: 2020 Vision: Grateful for the Past, Focused on the Future, as we work together to honor and celebrate with joy 100 years of Mount Olivet’s mission to spread the gospel of Jesus, serve one another and our communities, and share with future generations the gifts of faith and fellowship with which we have been blessed. Your pledge is part of the foundation that keeps all Mount Olivet ministries alive and helps foster new ones for future generations.

Pledging is critically important to Mount Olivet’s success because it allows us to predict with confidence our anticipated revenue and plan a responsible and faithful budget accordingly.

Pledging is equally important to your growth in faith because it gives you a chance to experience the joy of generosity and the satisfaction of giving to an organization you care about.

All members will receive a pledge card at a Stewardship meal or in the mail during the annual fall campaign. If you prefer, you may PLEDGE HERE in your Realm account under GIVING where you can also easily make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments.

Thank you! And above all, thank you for loving this church. We are a congregation grateful for our heritage and focused on a vibrant future! Thank you for doing your part!

Click here to watch Pastor Lose talk about the Stewardship Season


Steps to Pledge Online in Realm

  1. Click on Giving from the menu options
    Don’t see the word giving? click on the 3 horizontal line ellipses to bring up the menu
  2. Once you are on the giving page click on the “+ Pledge” button
  3. Select “General Fund 2019” from the drop down menu
  4. Indicate the amount you’d like to pledge in the first box
  5. Select frequency of pledge from the drop down next to the words “to be given”
    It will then calculate the total amount for the year that you are pledging.
  6. Click Save