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Faith Alive



Listen to the weekly broadcast of Mount Olivet's program, Faith Alive, presented by Pastor Terry Morehouse.

Pastor Morehouse is a member of the pastoral staff at Mount Olivet Church and the author of two books, including Fellow Travelers and The Road Goes On.  The books are collections of devotions that draw stories from his personal experiences around the world, connecting the stories with Scripture and the Christian Message.

Listen Live to Faith Alive on WDGY  740am or KTMY-FM HD2 107.1 Sunday Mornings  following the 11am worship service or download a recent message below.

Listen to Faith Alive broadcasts below

6/05/2017mp323 MB6/05/2017
6/05/2017mp322 MB6/05/2017
6/05/2017mp324 MB6/05/2017
6/05/2017mp324 MB6/05/2017
6/27/2017mp324 MB6/27/2017
6/27/2017mp327 MB6/27/2017
6/27/2017mp326 MB6/27/2017
6/27/2017mp324 MB6/27/2017
8/10/2017mp324 MB8/10/2017
8/10/2017mp325 MB8/10/2017
8/10/2017mp324 MB8/10/2017
8/10/2017mp323 MB8/10/2017
9/07/2017mp322 MB9/07/2017
9/07/2017mp326 MB9/07/2017
9/07/2017mp324 MB9/07/2017
9/07/2017mp362 MB9/07/2017