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What Does It Take To Do Music Ministry Well? 

May, 2015- That's the question that brought Kristen Forman, Executive Assistant to the Director of Yale's Institute of Sacred Music, to reach out to Mount Olivet's School of Music (MOSOM) earlier this year.

Forman said, "Given the great success of the Mount Olivet School of Music, we know that you will bring a lot to the conversation" in her invitation to be a part of a small group of representatives to help brainstorm ways the Institutes of Sacred Music can encourage and support churches to establish a music instruction programs.

"The opportunity to share our gifts with others is what we are called to do;"  said Pastor John Hogenson, Senior Pastor at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. "I have marveled at the great ministry that is done and continues to be done at Mount Olivet Church, and that includes our visionary and beloved music and school of music ministry opportunities."

In April, Director of Music and Worship, Dr. Beverly Claflin, and MOSOM administrator, Rebecca Mason, visited Yale University and shared information about Mount Olivet's music ministry program- its choirs, school of music and summer camps.

"It was an honor to be selected for this event," said Claflin. "With 36 instructors and nearly 400 students, our private lessons and band and orchestra programs have created a great structure to support music programming and bring people to Mount Olivet Church."  "Additionally the creative arts camp "God's Kids Sing!," Youth Summertime Players! Camps and Next!! Audition summer camps provide great community outreach opportunities" said Claflin.

"We were impressed by the work that is being done and the vision and energy devoted to teaching music to young people" said Dr. Martin Jean, Director of the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.  "I can't think of a greater need right now, both in giving young people opportunities for growth and by passing on our great traditions to future generations."

Find out more about what's happening at Mount Olivet's music ministry or check out our summer camps programs for kids birth-graduating seniors.