Reece DeVries, Hi-League President Mpls Campus

Greetings Mount Olivet! I’m Reece DeVries, the new Mpls Hi-League President. It’s not often that I get to write about myself, so I was a little nervous when Gina DeNucci first asked me. The writing seemed manageable. Selecting a photo would be the hard part. After going through hundreds of digital _les I made a realization. I look like a fool in every single picture. No matter the occasion, whenever the shutter snaps and the flash goes off I always look like I’m about to sneeze. It was a difficult choice to make but I finally settled on a snapshot and sat down to write. I’m very excited about this coming year. In September, I will be a senior at Jefferson High School in Bloomington. My little brother, Riley, will be a sophomore. As I look forward to my last year of high school, I also look forward to meeting the incoming freshmen. Ninth grade is not only the first year of high school, but also the first year of Hi-League. It was only a short time ago that I was in their shoes. As a fourteen-year-old I soon came to the conclusion that church was much more fun than class. I hope all ninth-graders at Mount Olivet become involved. I truly believe that my involvement at Mount Olivet has changed my life. I sing in Cathedral Choir, help out with Kid’s Café, attend Hi-League on Sunday nights, and showcase my basketball talent with MO Hoops. All of these activities have given me opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends. I have nothing but positive experiences and would love to talk to anyone and answer any questions about becoming more involved. I can’t wait to see all of you, old and new, at Hi- League this year. – REECE DeVRIES

Sarah Weibel, Hi-League President West Campus



For the past three years, I have been so blessed to be involved in church through the many opportunities available to high school students at Mount Olivet. This coming year, I am lucky enough to serve as the Hi-League president at the West Campus. Hi-League has been a huge part of my life in high school and I am so excited to continue to be involved at church. My favorite part about going I continue to meet. It’s fun to get to know people from all different schools and areas because I know I might not have met them without church. Also, all of the youth staff at Mount Olivet are incredible people who I have grown closer with every year. This year I am looking forward to seeing all these great people every week at events like Cathedral Choir, Tuesdays with Rolling Acres, and the Sunday night Hi-League events. All of these programs that I’ve been involved in at church have helped me grow as a person, in relationships, and in my faith. I am so blessed to belong to the wonderful community that is Mount Olivet, and I can’t wait to continue to be involved throughout my senior year as the West Hi-League president. – SARAH WEIBEL