Pastor Hugh Gilmore Retires 10/1/15
Coffee to celebration Pastor Gilmore
WEST Sun 9/27, After Worship Services
MPLS Sun 10/4, After Worship Services

Dear Friends,
I want to inform you that I have finally decided to retire. I have enjoyed my 22-1/2 years of ministry at Mount Olivet. Including the five years with Pastor Reuben Youngdahl, it makes 27 plus. It has been a privilege working with you and the entire staff. I am sure I will miss some of my work, but I will especially miss working on a regular basis with you, as we carry on God’s mission. Kay and I will continue to be active members of Mount Olivet and will keep in close contact with each of you. God’s richest blessing as you continue to serve our Lord and His people. – LOVE, Pastor HUGH GILMORE

A Message from Pastor Hogenson

Dear Members & Friends,

       What was supposed to be a two week absence has turned into what feels like a marathon and again I am reminded that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me,” (Philippians 4:13).
       I have moved to a transitional care facility (which is hopefully the last stop before I return to home and the office). While this certainly wasn’t the summer I had intended, my faith has grown in ways I never imagined. We are called to have faith and trust in God, one day at a time and for the last several weeks I have been living that each day. There are good days and not so good days, but I remain grateful each day. Thankfully, there are now more good days than not so good days. On the days when I am challenged or not feeling well, I remember that when you surrender control and trust God, life is better. I continue to trust God.
   I am grateful for our wonderful pastoral and church staff who have a great dedication and love of the church. They have worked hard to continue to make Mount Olivet a church unlike any other.
   I am excited about what the future holds and the mission and ministries of Mount Olivet. As we kick off our next season, filled with Stewardship dinners, faith, and fellowship, I invite you to look upward, travel onward, and ... Keep Going God’s Way!

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Looking Forward

More than 60 years ago, Mount Olivet members began the tradition of gathering in September after the harvest for food and fellowship and to pledge their gifts for the year ahead. At this time of looking forward, we asked our pastors what they look forward to in the coming church year:

September Rally Sunday, Confirmation Sunday, Stewardship meals, Preschool and Sunday School begin. “There is so much to love about September at Mount Olivet, I don’t even know where to start!” said PASTOR HOGENSON. “I like the return to the routine that happens for so many people in September … Rally Day signifies this – a time to return to routine, return to Mount Olivet, return to what we most need to do – to love and worship the living God.”

Oct-Nov Women’s and men’s groups hold their fall dinners, new members are officially welcomed, Bibles are presented to 5th-graders, Gala and Holiday Boutique fundraising events are held. “The activity and buzz of people at church each day brings me joy,” said PASTOR KALLAND. “I love all the opportunities we have to help one another in our walks with Christ. From the waiters at church dinners to the Food Drive, Adult Learning programs, and outreach programs, Mount Olivet creates opportunities for us to live out our mission focus of believing, belonging, becoming.”

December “I look forward to gladness in worship and generosity in service as we multiply joy and hope throughout our two-campus congregation and communities we serve,” said PASTOR CORNILS. With 51 services (including a new 11pm Christmas Eve service at Mpls) and 35 service opportunities, Advent and Christmas at Mount Olivet is truly spectacular. This year more than 1,000 voices are expected sing in our Christmas Music weekend. Special children’s, family, and fellowship programs add to the festivities in anticipation of our Newborn King! 100+ families will be reached and 1000+ meals will be served through our Christmas and outreach programs.

Jan-Feb “While some of our members enjoy our online services in the warmth of the sunshine down south at their winter homes, the rest of us don’t just hibernate for the winter” said PASTORYOUNGDAHL. “Mount Olivet provides many events and opportunities for members to connect with one another through gatherings, fellowship, and of course, worship!” There will be 16 services on Ash Wednesday (2/10) at both campuses, Midweek Lenten services, and a special devotional booklet to help with your Lenten walk toward the cross.

March Holy Week begins Palm Sunday 3/20, continues with three chances to witness the Living Lord’s Supper, a worship concert of The Seven Last Words of Christ, Good Friday services (including two children’s services and two Tenebrae services), and concludes with 15 triumphant Easter services on Sunday 3/27. “There is nothing like Easter at Mount Olivet,” said PASTOR HAMMERSTEN. “I love seeing friends from near and far, the smell of the flowers from the altar, the sound of the trumpets, and the moment we sing Jesus Christ is Risen Today! Alleluia!”

Apr-May In the spring, Adult Learning opportunities continue along with fellowship events including the Mothers & Others Tea, Fashion Show, and Mother’s Day Brunch at the Conference & Retreat Center. “I also look forward to Volunteer Sunday,” said PASTOR BAKKEN. “It is a fun way to thank the thousands of volunteers and see the many ministries of Mount Olivet.”

June Vacation Bible School, God’s Kid’s Sing!, and COP Summer Starter are a few of the highlights planned for the summer of 2016. “Spending time with our youth at various camps is definitely one of the highlights of my summer,” said PASTOR MACLEAN. “I love the energy and excitement they bring not just for their friends, but for sharing their faith and deepening their relationship with Christ!”

July-Aug Summer youth programs continue and the popular Motorheads Show takes place. “I also love the Summer Midweek Worship Services at the Conference & Retreat Center,” said PASTORENOCH. “Offering a chance for members and friends to share a meal and worship together in such a beautiful setting is pure grace – it is like making an appointment to be with God.”