Rally Sunday September 13th


   As students head back to school, many of our youth are looking forward to getting back to church. For most of our youth program participants, church represents a place to meet other students they wouldn’t know if it weren’t for church. “Going to church at Mount Olivet has shaped me in that I have met some extraordinary people,” said Sophia Spence. “Being a part of church has helped me discover who I am in my faith and impacted my life – it’s an experience I will draw on as I go away to college this year.”
   On September 20, 2015, 198 Confirmands will officially become members of Mount Olivet.
   At Cathedral of the Pines this past summer, Camp Director KRISTI YOUNGDAHL asked the Confirmands to share what high school they are going to this fall. 41 high schools were named among the 170 9th-grade campers. “It’s unreal,” said Youngdahl. “To see these kids hanging out together, sharing their faith and talking about their highs and lows despite going to different schools is really cool. When I travel to other camp or youth conferences and tell people we have more than 40 high schools represented in our youth program, they don’t believe it. But when I think how our youth are united in faith, at one church, with one God, you can’t help but believe that God is up to something good at Mount Olivet!”

The Mount Olivet Messenger has more information on the good things that are happening in and around Mount Olivet in the coming church year for children, youth, and adults.