Meet Your Hi-League Presidents

My name is Zoë Seipp, and I will be taking on the role of the Hi-League president at the Minneapolis Campus this year. I am a senior at Southwest High School, and live in South Minneapolis with my parents, and two siblings. My brother is a 9th-grader and will be joining the Hi-League community, as I encourage all Mount Olivet 9th-graders to do. As a middle-schooler, I loved going to choir on Wednesdays, having dinner before Confirmation, and going on special retreats with Confirmation and choir. When I entered high school, my involvement and fun expanded. Now I sing with the Cathedral Choir, participate in Circle of Friends, serve as a peer minister on 7th- and 8th-grade retreats, and attend Hi-League on Sunday nights. I have had positive experiences with all of the programs and recommend that everyone get involved in at least one of the youth programs. Hi-League is an especially great way to see friends from camp who go to different schools, and to make new friends. I can confidently say some of my very best friends would not be who they are today without Hi-League. This year I will do my best to ensure Mount Olivet is a place for everyone; inclusive, and aware of the needs of every high-schooler. I hope to see lots of new and smiling faces at Mount Olivet this year!

Hi, I’m Ben Weibel and I’m super excited to be the Hi-League president for the West Campus this year. This year I’m looking forward to meeting all the new 9th-graders who are coming into Hi-League, and helping them enjoy it as much as I have for the past three years. Hi-League is important to me because it’s a place to unwind and grow closer to God. During a busy school year, Sunday night Hi-Leagues are a great time to take some focus away from school and see all the friends you’ve met through church. Also, while there are a lot of events that are focused on fun activities with friends, Hi-League always manages to focus on God and help build your faith. There are tons of different Hi-League events ranging from things like a Halloween Hayride, to more serious and faith-based events like Sacred Ground, which is a night where we Hi-Leaguers can relax and reflect on our relationship with God. Mount Olivet is one of my favorite places in the world because of the accepting environment. The youth staff members are fun, caring, and incredibly easy to talk to. Even if you don’t know anyone in Hi-League, everyone there will treat you like a friend. I encourage all high school members of Mount Olivet to come to Hi-League,
I promise you’ll love every second of it.

Youth Staff Updates

Geoff Arenson has been named the Associate Youth Director at the MPLS and WEST Campuses. Geoff has worked on our Cathedral of the Pines staff for 15 years, and has been on the Mount Olivet youth staff for 13 years.
Marnie Carlson is moving from her job as Senior High Youth Coordinator to the Administrative Assistant for the youth department. She will continue to run the Circle of Friends program, which she has faithfully built over the past 10 years.
Gina DeNucci is moving from her job as Junior High Youth Coordinator to Senior High Youth Coordinator at the MPLS Campus. She has been on our Cathedral of the Pines Camp staff for seven years and will be starting her fifth year on the Mount Olivet youth staff.
Chase Claflin joins the Mount Olivet youth staff as a Senior High Youth Coordinator at the MPLS Campus. Chase is a graduate of Luther College. He has worked on the Cathedral of the Pines Camp staff for four years, the last two years as Kristi Youngdahl’s Assistant.
Tierra Davis joins the Mount Olivet youth staff as a Junior High Youth Coordinator at the MPLS Campus. Tierra will be graduating from the University of Minnesota. She has worked on the Cathedral of the Pines staff for three years, and was Kristi Youngdahl’s Assistant this past summer.