On New Beginnings

June 4 will be an important date for us. Yes, a new chapter in Mount Olivet’s history will begin officially on the Day of Pentecost – the birthday of the church when the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples and 3,000 were added to the church. This year, the Day of Pentecost also will be the Day of Installation for the ninth senior pastor of Mount Olivet, the Rev. Dr. David Lose. This day has long been anticipated, when the time of transition comes to an end and our new senior pastor will be installed for what we hope and pray will be a long tenure.

Remarkably, Pastor Lose has been able to be with us on an intermittent basis since his election last November, taking personal time to do so. We have had several occasions to hear him proclaim the Word. He has been interviewing staff, studying our profile, and imaging possibilities with us. Even so, we will wait until July 1 for the beginning of his full-time presence among us. It is my personal hope that every member of Mount Olivet will be there on the day of his installation – June 4 at 4pm at the Minneapolis Campus – to celebrate with Pastor Lose, his family, and guests.

It also will be a new beginning for Carol and me as my time is at an end here as your interim senior pastor. We will first head to Wyoming to visit family, relaxing and renewing a bit as we discover what God has in store for us next.

However, please know there is a bond of affection that develops between pastors and the people we worship and serve with, preach to, pray with, and laugh and cry with. It is not easy to say goodbye. We all mean something to each other and the bonds of love have grown. As all good former pastors know, we lay aside leadership, but not the affection we feel for each other. After a suitable time of absence, we will rejoin the Mount Olivet worshipping community, helping where we can, and pledging support for our new senior pastor and the great days ahead.  The good thing is that in the Kingdom of God, we never really say goodbye.

I think, too, of Pastor Enoch’s farewell. There is a separate article about her ministry, but these same feelings follow her departure.

Carol and I thank you for taking us into your hearts, for the kindnesses, and for notes of encouragement. We are forever grateful for this opportunity.

“Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks” to all – pastors, staff, and members who make Mount Olivet a great place in which to love and serve. There is a strong sense of team among those who work here – a common cause to which all are committed.

I was asked for any final words of wisdom for Mount Olivet. A quote runs through my head, “Dream no little dreams for they have no power to move the soul.” Yes, dream dreams worthy of the visionary Youngdahls, worthy of the great people you are, and worthy of the new leader you have chosen, and above all, worthy of the Lord of Church who calls us to a great work.

With great gratitude,

Pastor Johnson


Thank you, Pastor Dennis and Carol Johnson

During the past six years, Mount Olivet has been in a state of unexpected transition. For many organizations and especially congregations, such a long transition would have resulted in stagnation and even a steady decline. But during these six years, Mount Olivet has continued to grow its ministry and service to its members through a staff of dedicated pastors and lay employees. Since the fall of 2015, that staff has been led by Interim Senior Pastor Dennis Johnson. We are so very blessed and thankful for Pastor Dennis and Carol Johnson! Interim ministries usually last 6-12 months, but when it was learned that the congregation had an opportunity to call Pastor David Lose as the next senior pastor and that he would not be available until early summer of 2017, Pastor Johnson, with Carol’s support and without hesitation, agreed to stay on until May 31.

Pastor Johnson has provided leadership to the congregation at a time in our history when a strong steady hand was needed. He has not only delighted the congregation with his great humor and warmth, but he has touched members with his sermons and has led the congregation into the next phase of the capital campaign and building program. His quiet but effective leadership has had a positive impact on the staff. In the time that Pastor Johnson has been leading us, he has built on the strong Mount Olivet foundation of faith and service to members. And all of this would not have been possible without the strong support of his wife, Carol. Truly, the two have been gifts to all of us. With much gratitude, we give thanks for their service! – John Kapanke, vice president of the congregation