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    What’s For Dinner?

    Amity Circle is one of 20 Mount Olivet Church Women circles.  Circles provide fellowship and service opportunities for nearly 500 women. In 2013, Amity Circle was founded to help Pastoral Care extend its ministry by providing homemade meals to people recovering from illness or surgery or those with any other need for a visit and meal.

    “Many of us had never participated in a circle when Amity brought us together as new friends,” said Nancy Youngdahl. “Since our life stages vary, it makes the experience even more valuable.” Amity Circle cooks together about four times a year and freezes meals at church so they are ready to be delivered when needed. Pastoral Care generates a request for a meal and a member of the circle contacts the family to arrange delivery.

    “Amity Circle provides an important outreach to Mount Olivet members and friends through their meal delivery program,” said Pastoral Care Director Andrea Brown. “We have traveled as far as Big Lake and as close as a few blocks from church to deliver meals. No request is too small,” reports Denise Kirmis, delivery coordinator. “We deliver to whole families, and in some cases, we are able to deliver more than once if the need is there.” In all, Amity Circle estimates they have made more than 200 deliveries on behalf of Mount Olivet. “Recipients often say that this outreach from their faith community is one more way to know that God is good,” added Youngdahl.

    “Our phone calls occasionally get a ‘someone else must be more deserving’ response,” said Youngdahl, “but our philosophy is that the food is almost secondary to the outreach, and through that connection we in Amity get at least as much as we offer.”

    If you are interested in finding out more about Amity Circle or any of our Mount Olivet Church Women circles, we invite you to contact Stephanie Zahrbock 612.767.2259