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December 12
Wednesday 11:00 AM
Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 16
Sunday 8:30 AM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel
December 16
Sunday 9:00 AM
~Sermon: Pastor
~Communion: 8:30am & 12:45pm
~Sunday Church School: 9,10,11
~The Way: 9,10,11
~Nursery: 9,10,11

Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 16
Sunday 12:45 PM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel
December 19
Wednesday 11:00 AM
Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus

Giving Through Service

What does it mean to be a giver? Do you have to donate millions of dollars to a hospital wing? Do you have to organize a star-studded event for 1,000? Do you have to end poverty as we know it? While all wonderful, being a giver does not have to be big. One seemingly small act of kindness is all that is needed. Every day we are given opportunities to give, to share, to be a part of God’s world in positive and meaningful ways. The Pastoral Care department has story upon story of giving and givers. Some stories are the result of spontaneous moments, while others are a bit more planned. People who give of themselves and their time to help others are living out the mission of Mount Olivet, in particular, Becoming like Jesus Christ through servanthood. And we thank them for their gifts! God is giving us opportunities to give with a generous and joyful heart every day. Look around. How can you give today?

– Katie Stevenson, Director of Stewardship


To me, giving is living! The personal fulfillment I have received from being

active in Mount Olivet service opportunities far exceeds my eff ort. I have

felt my faith growing at a Homebound Luncheon as I hear about riding to

school in a covered wagon from a new friend; when observing the huge smile

of gratitude from helping move someone into a new apartment; and after

planting trees and flowers around the new church additions. However, I feel

this Christian spirit most when simply sharing a friendly conversation in the

Narthex on Sunday mornings. The joy I feel as I serve in the Mount Olivet

community is like none I have ever known. – Ted Waltz


I personally would say that Mount Olivet has always taught me that we are

a servant congregation. We are Jesus’ hands and feet put here to serve others

when we can. What I get out of doing things for others – offering a smile,

giving a hug, providing a ride to the Homebound Luncheons, etc. – is pure

joy! Mount Olivet offers so many opportunities to serve! – Dianne McCain


I truly feel I get more out of what I give than what I give to others. Being a

part of the Caregiver program is one example. I visit my friend at the Vets

Home, and leave each visit being so grateful for him. Picking up folks for the

Homebound events is such an uplifting experience – the people are so thankful

for this little thing. Meeting and greeting people at worship is such a warm

experience – it takes less muscle to smile than frown! –Charlie McCain


Becoming a member of Mount Olivet many years ago, l found myself picking

up where I had left off in other churches where I had been a member – getting

active in areas and organizations where help was needed. Mount Olivet

offered me choices that fulfilled my life – it is more precious to give than to

receive. For me – whether it was with children at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres,

Sunday School, cooking at COP, or countless organizations in between, to the

present time in the Caregiving area where I visit with the elderly – the time

has been so rewarding. Their smiles are so heartwarming. My heart overflows

with the joy, satisfaction, and love that Mount Olivet has given me in the

process of volunteering in all areas of ministry. – Shirley Huskins