“And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28.20

A little over 34 years ago, my life was filled with fear. My addiction to alcohol and other drugs was ruling my life. I loved things and used people. I was on a continuous downward spiral and had even contemplated suicide. I was 26 years old, living in my parents’ house and feeling like a complete failure. One of my big mistakes was comparing my insides to everyone else’s outsides. I completely forgot that I was loved by Christ.

With the help of my family, a very tall former senior pastor, and the folks at the Mount Olivet Counseling Service, I finally went to treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Early on in treatment, a customer at my father’s service station made time to stop by and see me. Eric E. was a busy accountant, who shared that he, too, was an alcoholic. He told me that if there was anything I needed, he was just a phone call away. In addition, he shared a poem he wrote called, “Thank God I’m an Alcoholic.”

Christ’s love shows up in the most unexpected ways. That day for me, Jesus showed up in an accountant.
Every now and then the “committee” between my ears tells me things that aren’t so … unworthiness, shame, guilt. It’s comforting to be reminded that Christ’s love and God’s presence are with me (us) always. May you feel his in your life … Jesus is with you always.

– Pastor Kalland

Please consider attending one of the Wednesday night “Truth Talks” during Lent. This new initiative will focus on suicide – more information can be found in Pastor Lose’s message.