You are Loved

It’s always been about love. We are loved. It’s not based on our performance as human beings. It’s not about what we need to do, but about what Christ has already done. God loved first … loved us, even before we were born (Psalm 139.13).  

We live in a busy world full of many distractions; it’s easy for us to forget that we are loved by God and at times it’s hard to believe. Paul Tillich wonderfully defines faith as the courage to accept the fact that we are accepted, the courage to love the fact that we are actually loved.

Years ago someone suggested I slow down and take a daily personal inventory, not so much focusing on what I did wrong but reflecting on the moments in the day when I was aware of the presence of Christ’s Love. Maybe it’s hearing a humbling hymn or listening to a sermon or receiving the tangible means of grace during Holy Communion or when the kids at camp are praying or hearing and believing for the first time you are precious in God’s sight.   

We get so distracted and forgetful. Purposefully slowing down to remember that you are indeed loved by God is a gift you can give yourself. Lent is coming, usually a time of introspection. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of time for reflection and silence at our Oasis on Tuesdays 7am-7pm in the Minneapolis Campus Youngdahl Chapel and Thursdays 9am-3pm in the West Campus Sanctuary. Or treat yourself to the health and wellness event, Preserving God’s Temple: Body, Mind, Spirit, on Saturday, February 11.

You are worth it … you are loved and a precious child of God.