Mount Olivet Lutheran Church West Campus in Victoria, Minnesota, originated from an evangelical vision to reach out to a burgeoning population in the area, as well as to current members residing in western Hennepin and eastern Carver counties. Centered in the gospel of God’s grace, our West Campus provides a welcome place for all persons seeking a growth-oriented, worship-centered community of faith and friendship.  

Through the visionary leadership of the late Pastor Paul Youngdahl, the diligence of our pastors and staff, along with extraordinary music, education, and youth ministries, Mount Olivet is recognized nationwide for evangelical excellence experienced at two connected and dynamically distinctive campuses foundationally inseparable in the Spirit of Christ.
“Set up more chairs!” is the joyful West Campus rallying cry echoing from the first 2001 worship service in the Mount Olivet Rolling Acres gym and cheerfully resonating each Sunday from the beautiful sanctuary today!

God has richly blessed our vision for mission through:
Dramatic growth in numbers of people of all ages;
Creative development and wide engagement in ministry and programs;
Expanded service through community outreach ministries;
A palpable sense of God’s Holy Spirit present and active in our life together.

Owing to the abundant grace of God and the unwavering support of generous Mount Olivet members, our West Campus now is poised for expansive growth in membership, faith development, and service! Worshippers are expressing rave reviews for the enhanced plans portraying a beautiful, functional, and multi-faceted new West Campus building exquisitely set above the shores of pristine Schutz Lake, looking out at lovely Carver County Park on the horizon. Conveniently connected to the existing sanctuary building, the carefully designed new building provides gathering spaces, classrooms, offices, a youth center, choir rooms, and a commercial kitchen offering a gracious welcome for both members and visitors and potential for growth.  

To construct the much-needed new building, your pastors, staff, building task force, and fundraising committee are counting on the prayers, good will, and generosity of you, our beloved members and friends, as we
embrace Mount Olivet’s mission of Believing, Belonging, Becoming.



A three-story building connected to the existing sancutary building for growing ministry needs
Fourteen Sunday School and Confirmation classrooms with bathrooms,
all under one roof
Three choir rehearsal rooms that can double for classrooms with adjacent storage spaces for robes and music
A large youth center to serve our growing youth ministry programs
A fully-equipped commercial kitchen to enhance our hospitality ministry
Utilization of the existing topography to embrace the beauty of the Schutz Lake location
A welcoming entry area
Comfortable seating areas on all levels for gathering or reflection, enhanced by an indoor garden area
Administrative offices adjacent to programming areas
An outdoor terrace overlooking Schutz Lake for gathering or reflection
Large windows for natural lighting and connection with the outdoors
Wide hallways for smooth traffic flow

Plus, 125 new chairs will be installed in the new transept area and in the rear of the sancturary. The project also includes additional convenient parking spaces and enhanced landscaping.