Welcome Kate!

My name is Kate Belschner, and I have joined the youth staff as the new junior high youth coordinator at the West Campus. I’m a lifelong member of Mount Olivet, a recent graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, and I grew up and attended school in Edina.

As a young girl, the youth ministries at Mount Olivet played a vital role in shaping my faith. I was baptized at Mount Olivet as an infant, grew up participating in choir, Hi-League, House Groups, and Cathedral of the Pines. I attended many retreats from when I was very young through high school, including the Gustavus overnight, which I loved so much I went there for college. I can’t even imagine how different my life would have been if I hadn’t been in the youth programs at Mount Olivet.  

My passion for youth ministry initially started when I was involved in those programs as a kid. I looked to them as my escape from the hustle and bustle of schoolwork and overwhelming teen dramas. They gave me mentors that held me to a new standard of serving others in the community, to devoting my time to worship and praise, and being a leader for others just as the youth staff had been for me. I benefited from the staff and volunteers who made possible the many opportunities for stewardship, fellowship, and worship.

The youth programs shaped me into who I am, and helped build the foundation of my relationship with God and my church. Being a part of a congregation that cares enough to not only reach out, but to also follow through in making those relationships last, meant everything.

In the summer of 2014, I had the privilege to be a summer intern with the Children & Family Ministry team. At that time, I stated that what makes the difference in any experience is the personal connections you either choose to make or not make. I still believe that today. I am looking forward to connecting with and helping our Mount Olivet youth in their faith journey as part of your Mount Olivet youth staff.

- Kate Belschner


Christmas Reminders

December is upon us and the youth at Mount Olivet have some great reminders on how to spend your time leading up to Christmas.

Serve at Mount Olivet or in your community.
Make this month about giving! No, not just the go out and buy a gift for your family kind of giving, but giving by serving others. There are always ways and opportunities to get involved here at Mount Olivet, so make sure to ask!

Connect with someone that you have lost touch with.
Have you been thinking about reconnecting with an old friend or family member? Well, there is no time like the present to do so. Make an effort to reach out to someone in your life that you look forward to catching up with.

Count your blessings.
What are you grateful for? We often think about what we want this time of year instead of being thankful for what we have. Take time to show appreciation for all that you have in your life.

Attend (or participate in) the Mount Olivet Christmas Concerts.
The Christmas Concerts (photo below) have become a wonderful tradition at Mount Olivet. The concerts feature the Mount Olivet choirs and is an event you won’t want to miss! It will take place at the Mpls Campus on 12/11 at 3pm & 5pm.

Explore your faith.
It is easy to lose touch with the true meaning of Christmas. Make sure to spend time growing in your faith this Christmas season by spending time in prayer, coming to church, and discussing it with others.
Spend quality time with family and friends.We all know that this time of year gets busy! Make sure to slow down now and again and spend quality time with the people that you love.

Reflect on 2016.
As 2016 winds down it is important to reflect on all that has happened this year. Take some time for yourself and let yourself think about both the good and the bad and how you can move forward onto 2017.