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A Christmas Present for Jesus

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Dear Friends, From the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols held Christmas Eve at King’s College in Cambridge, we have this petition in the Bidding Prayer:

And because this would most rejoice his heart, let us remember before him the poor and the helpless, the cold and the hungry and the oppressed; the sick and them that mourn; the lonely and the unloved; the aged and the little children ...

I invite you to consider the best gift you can give to Jesus’ friends – the gift of warmth, shelter, food, clothing, and a new chance at life. You do this when you make your Christmas gift to Mount Olivet, which supports people in need through Simpson Housing, VEAP, Dignity Center, Love INC, and more.

You ease loneliness as you make your gift to support our pastors as they do their ministry of visiting those in hospitals, under hospice care, or are simply unable to leave their homes. Through the radio ministry you enable those who cannot come to church to listen to the wonderful music and hear the Word preached. We could fill this page with messages of gratitude that we receive.

You build the next generation by your support for Cathedral of the Pines, our choirs from Cathedral Choir on down, and our Hi-League and Hi-er-League programs. You stand with those getting married, those having children baptized, those leaving for college and careers. You stand with the grieving even as they give thanks for the life of the loved one who dies.

You help families caught in crises through affordable counseling services and pastoral care. And, yes, you do less glamorous things like pay salaries, heat, and electric bills so that the House of God is open always to those who find joy, solace, and direction at both our campuses.

You do all this and more. At this end of the year, your extra gift will ensure that these ministry needs are met 100%. Please give a generous gift to Jesus and his children and friends. Why? For love’s sake and “Because it would rejoice his heart.”

We are in better shape than last year when we came to you with “Pleas with Please” and asked you to close our shortfall. Your response, along with careful monitoring of budgets, put us in a better position this year, yet we will still need $90,000 in Christmas offerings to fulfill our missions. What a great gift to those in need and to the church and our new senior pastor that we begin this new era with strength.

Pastor Dennis Johnson
Interim Senior Pastor

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