Stir Up Our Hearts

Stir up our hearts, Lord! Stir up our hearts and come!


This is the very essence of the Advent Season. Advent is the time specifically set aside on the church calendar to prepare our hearts and our minds for Jesus. To mark His coming as special, uber-important, sacred.

And so we pause. We reflect. We give our Savior his due.

And if the thought of slowing down and pausing makes you squirm, if the sheer mention of ‘taking time’ for, well, anything really, makes you skip over the words before they even have a moment to sink in … I’m with you! But, we CAN do it, with God’s help.

There’s a billboard on a corner that I wait at each morning. It’s titled “It Only Takes a Moment.” One day it was a photo of a mom and her child snuggling under a blanket. The next it was a dad and his daughter jumping in puddles – their huge smiles shining through the clear umbrella. Its purpose is to remind us that it doesn’t require hopping on a plane to an exotic locale, or dedicating hour after hour to make memories with someone you love, sometimes it’s just an intentional 10 minutes of one-on-one time. A “Here I am, totally focused on you” moment. TV’s off, phone is set aside, I am yours.

Let’s dedicate 10 minutes today, whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, to say, “Here I am, Jesus. Totally focused on you. TV’s off, phone’s not near me, I am yours.”