December 16
Sunday 8:30 AM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel
December 16
Sunday 9:00 AM
~Sermon: Pastor
~Communion: 8:30am & 12:45pm
~Sunday Church School: 9,10,11
~The Way: 9,10,11
~Nursery: 9,10,11

Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 16
Sunday 12:45 PM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel
December 19
Wednesday 11:00 AM
Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 23
Sunday 8:30 AM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel

August marks the end of summer, which means it is the time to get ready for fall! As Mount Olivet prepares for Stewardship Dinners, fall also marks the return of choirs on Sunday mornings, the beginning of educational programs for adults and youth, as well as countless special events. Mount Olivet is a place to share your time and your faith. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them”(Matthew 18:20). Register for education classes, sign up for choirs, and be at church!

"It was great to reconnect with my camp and church friends every Wednesday in Confirmation. Even if I was having a tough week, Confirmation was something to look forward to. I always felt relaxed and welcomed. What I most look forward to in the near future is House Groups because I will meet new people and continue to grow in faith with them. It also will give me the opportunity to meet and form strong friendships with my leader and the other members of my group." – Ryan Odermatt

• Sunday Church School (3yrs*-4th Gr) The Sunday School
experience is designed to familiarize children with the wonderful story
of God’s faithfulness centered in the Good News of the Gospel.
* Children must be 3 years old as of September 1.

• The Way / Pre-Confi rmation (5th & 6th Gr)
This preconfirmation program enhances students’ faith through educational,
service, and fellowship activities. Students experience the importance
of Christian friendships and faith for life. We focus on Jesus’ call to
serve others.

• Sunday Morning Friends Sundays 11am, Mpls Campus.
This is a program for children with special needs. Dedicated individuals and
professionals in the fi eld volunteer to provide children with a loving
and fl exible Sunday School experience. Alternatively, if parents would
rather have their child paired with an assistant in a typical classroom,
we are happy to fi nd a partner for your child.

• Confirmation (7th & 8th Gr)
This is a 2-1/2 year program that begins with the First Communion service
in the spring of 6th grade and concludes with a Service of Confirmation at the
beginning of 9th grade. The Confirmation program helps 7th- and 8th-graders learn
more about the Bible, Lutheranism, faith, and God while building
relationships with their peers, pastors, and church. During these very
important years, students are instructed weekly by pastors, small group
leaders, and youth program leaders.

Between both campuses, more than 1000 individuals participate in
Mount Olivet’s 14 choirs. We are dedicated to maintaining a music
ministry that strives for excellence and serves members of all ages
and abilities. 

• Cherub Choir (3yrs-5yrs)
• Alleluia Choir (K-1st Gr)
• Hosanna Choir (2nd-3rd Gr)
• Chapel Choir (4th-6th Gr)
• Chancel Choir (7th-8th Gr)
• Cathedral Choir (9th-12th Gr)
• Senior Choir (Adults)
• Handbell Choirs and Orff Ensembles (4th Gr-Adults)