A Dining Table Finds a New Home and Helps Mount Olivet's "Homes"

Last spring, it came time to part with my dining room table. I have never really been attached to “things,” but for some reason I found this very difficult. This table, like your dining table, had a story.

I touched it and shed a tear as I remembered 35 years of family and friends gathering at this table – including my aunt, grandmother, and my dear mother. Each one of those dear souls was cared for in their last years at Mount Olivet Home, so as I ruminated about what to do with my dining room table, it just felt right to donate it to the Mount Olivet Homes Auxiliary (MOHA) Garage Sale. I kept checking on my table during the sale to see if anyone had purchased it. On the last day, when prices were lowered, someone was seen touching the table and said, “Oh, I can just imagine my family sitting around this table, but I have no way to get it to my house ...” Bless Ken Slinde, he offered to deliver it to her home. Now I hope and imagine my dear table is building memories with another family as they gather together.

When my mother was placed in Careview, having been a life-long Mount Olivet member, even with her dementia, she felt like she had come “home.” It seems fitting then that the proceeds from the table are going to Mount Olivet Homes. We should be proud that at Mount Olivet we care for the most vulnerable and that all proceeds from the annual MOHA Garage Sale go to the Mount Olivet Day Services, Mount Olivet Home, Mount Olivet Careview Home, and Mount Olivet Rolling Acres.

Please consider supporting the MOHA Garage Sale this year. Here are the ways you can help:

Donate new and gently used items suitable for resale. (Mpls)
Volunteer Mpls 4/28-5/5. The sale requires over 100 volunteers! 
Shop Mpls 5/3-5/5, Th 4-8pm ($4 admission), F 8am-5pm, Sa 8am-12noon. Tell your friends to shop, too

Lets make this the biggest and best Garage Sale yet! 

- Cindy Johnson

For more MOHA Garage Sale information or to Volutneer, click here.  For pick-up information, contact Sherry Kapanke 612.859.7566 skapanke@aol.com. For questions, contact Mary Slinde 952.884.4975 2018mtogsale@gmail.com.