Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Just two words as we approach the close of our Stewardship season: Thank you! 

To those who increased your pledge this year: Thank you! Your ability to give more to Mount Olivet will help us increase the ministries of this church that touch so many.

To those who were able to keep your pledged support constant: Thank you! The value you put on contributing to Mount Olivet is what makes us strong and able to move forward into the future with confidence.

To those who reduced your pledge this year: Thank you! I know of your love for and commitment to Mount Olivet, and I realize that there are times when changes of circumstances require adjustment in our giving even to our beloved congregation. Please know that others are stepping forward to add to the strength you offer.

If you have not yet pledged, please know it is not too late and that your commitment to Mount Olivet is needed and makes a difference. Moreover, I covet for you the opportunity to take stock of your blessings and experience the joy of giving to an organization that you care about. For this reason, I ask that you give prayerful and intentional consideration to your support of Mount Olivet. Thank you!

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Below is a link to a page on our website with the excellent video prepared for this year's stewardship meals centered on breathing in God's grace and responding in kind, featuring four Mount Olivet members and their experience of "grace in action." It's so very much worth the six minutes it takes to watch! The same page also has a recording of my stewardship presentation where I share what I've come to love about this congregation and how that shapes my vision of our future.

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Yours in Christ,
Pastor Lose
Senior Pastor