Photo of blue sand box.Program Plan

Our education methods are based on the principle that children learn best through direct concrete experience that involves touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, manipulation, and doing. 

Children are supervised at all times, including classrooms, bathrooms, playground, transitions, walks, and field trips.

We are licensed to serve forty children in each session, which includes a class of twenty three/four year olds, and a class of twenty four/five year olds.

Sessions offered:

  • Monday & Friday from 9:30-noon
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 9-11:30 am
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 12:30-3:00 pm

We welcome children from many cultures, and encourage families to share their ethnic foods, experiences, and customs with us.  In turn, we will add new units to our curriculum that will enhance the cultural experience.

Free Play
Upon entering the room, the children are greeted warmly by  their teacher and then engage in an activity that interests them at the moment.  They are encouraged to make choices from among the materials provided by the teacher.  They have a chance to be creative in a world set up exclusively for them.  These include:

  •  Art  Specific projects are carefully chosen to be process-oriented, and coordinated with the week’s topics.  We provide a variety of every day art materials, as well as special non-traditional art materials.  Easels are available every day for painting. Children’s projects are lovingly displayed around the room and in the main church hallways.
  • Dramatic Play Center This changes weekly as the curriculum themes change.  Children can pretend to be a doctor, baker, pilot, teacher, postal worker, astronaut, etc.  Role-playing is an important part of the pre-school experience.
  •  Writing Center We provide children with the tools and paper to encourage a love of letters and writing.  Children can cut, trace, color, write, staple, and use their imagination.
  • Large Block Corner An area where children can build together, encouraging cooperation and achievement.  It is a social area, where boys and girls work together.
  • Table Manipulatives Puzzles, Legos, play-dough, connecting blocks, scissors, games, and small toys strengthen small muscles.
  •  Sensory Tables We have sand tables and water tables in each room.  Children love the feel of the warm water and learn to pour and manipulate the water toys.  Sand gives us the chance to sift and scoop, measure and pour.
  •  Science and Math Table Children can look, touch, smell, listen, manipulate, and experiment with items that help them learn about God’s world.  We have units on measuring and weighing, magnets, birds and nests, color mixing, magnifying, counting, and so many more!
  •  Quiet Corner Children are encouraged to look at books, and listen to books on tape.  Sometimes a child just needs to get away and be quiet, alone.

Structured Time
This is a time set aside for group work, directed by the teacher.  Singing and conversation make up a large part of this activity.  Each week is planned with a theme in mind, and we center our activities and thoughts around it.  This time is used for calendar work, weather, and show and tell.  It is also a time for directed art activities, stories, poems, music and musical instruments, and visits from our pastoral advisor.

Music and Movement Room
The children spend part of each day in this large room.  It is designed to provide them with large muscle activity and is entirely free within the limits set by the teacher.  Materials provided are: large blocks, climber, wheeled toys, tumbling mat, basketball hoop, balance beams, bouncing balls, and more.  Supervision is provided at all times.

The children are provided with a snack each day.  This consists of water and a cracker, cheese, or other healthy snack.  We strive to be peanut-free, and encourage parents to observe this when choosing snacks to bring.  We discourage sugary foods.  This is a social time, and we model good manners and strive for interesting conversation at our snack tables.  We say a table grace before eating.  Children like to bring the snacks, especially at birthday time, and, because of State Health regulations, these treats must be commercially prepared and packaged.  There is a sign-up sheet outside each classroom for parents to sign up for a particular day or days.

Photo of kids raking.Outdoor Play
We try to get outside every day, weather permitting.  This outdoor time is spent in our enclosed courtyard playground.  We have a large play structure, trikes, scooters, shovels, sleds, and a sandbox with sand toys.  Please dress your child each day in preparation for outdoor play.

NOTE- When buying clothing, look for self-help features.  We encourage independence when getting dressed for outside.  Be sure mittens and boots, for example, are large enough so they go on easily.  Label everything!  Children have a difficult time identifying their coats, snow pants, and boots when confronted with a wall full of outerwear!  We like to be able to help them find their clothing, and having everything labeled helps.

Special Events
We often have performers and groups visit our school.  These may include storytellers, singers, entertainers, special library readers, etc.  You will be informed of these through the newsletter, so you can ask your child about them.   We also have monthly visits from our Pastoral Advisor, as we learn about God’s love for us and for our world.