Support Ministries

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild assists in communion and the care/preparation of the worship area for Sundays and holidays.

Altar Guild Members Needed
The overall goal of the Altar Guild is to see that communion is prepared, the worship space is kept beautiful and in good order, both to glorify God and to provide a setting which enables the congregation to worship in a meaningful way. If you like to work behind the scenes, please contact Nancy Nelson at 612-767-2264.

An impressive archive collection of materials pertaining to Mount Olivet history is kept at 5000 Logan Ave. Volunteers are needed to help in the collection, inventory, and preservation of materials.

Dorcas Society and Gronseth Fellowship
Members of Dorcas Society (Minneapolis Campus) and Gronseth Fellowship (West Campus) help in the preparation, serving, and clean-up for receptions which follow a memorial service or funeral.  Members help on a rotating basis and are asked to serve by one of the kitchen leads.  For more information on either of these groups, please call Jonna Bundul at 612-767-2257.

Hospitality Team
Provides warm greetings to members and visitors before each worship service at both campuses.

Ushers/Parking Lot Attendants
Ushers and Parking Lot Attendants are placed into groups that assist for Sunday services and other special events throughout the year.  For more information on being an usher, please call Nancy Nelson at 612-767-2264; or for parking lot attendants, please call Jonna Bundul at 612-767-2257.

Vision Partners (Estate Giving)
This is a group of congregation and community members who want to leave a legacy for our church and/or affiliated organizations. To be a Vision Partners means Mount Olivet and/or its affiliates have been left a bequest in your will, named as a beneficiary on an insurance or retirement plan, or designated as a recipient of a charitable gift annuity or other planned gift. Contact: Mari Carlson by Email or 612.831.3150.